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Just Chillaxin

Each year words that are ¬†overused ad nauseum are nominated to The List of Words or the Banished List. One of the words banished this year is “chillaxin,” defined by the Urban Dictionary as “the art of relaxing in a state of coolness, with no worries or stress.” I hadn’t heard the word used before. I guess that’s because most of the people I know are worried about making mortgage payments and wondering if they will have enough dollars to retire on. Nobody I know could ever be accused of “chillaxin.”

That doesn’t mean chillaxin is not something to strive for–just that you shouldn’t use the expression any more. In fact, according to an article first published in the Los Angeles Times and subsequently reported in the Indianapolis Star, our friends in sunny LA might have the answer on how to get us to the state of Nirvana, the ultimate in chilldom. All that’s needed to save the world is Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda. And yes, for all you children of the ’70s, it’s called Mary Jane for a reason. One of a number of “slow-down drinks” on the market or in the process of entering the market, Mary Jane is a kava concoction, with none of the chemical relaxants present in marijuana. Despite that reality, Mary Jane is often referred to as “weed in a bottle.” According to the article, LA, which has more medical marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks and McDonald’s restaurants combined, is a best-selling market for the drink. (Big duh!)

I’m just wondering two things: One, when will Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda hit the Indy stores so I start chillaxin? And, two, when will Tiger Woods start buying it by the truckloads?


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