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This is my first entry since my surgery. For those of you who didn’t know, I had total hip replacement surgery October 23. I had thoroughly thought I would be writing away since then, both on my blog and my current novel, while working full-time at my freelance business. Some habits never die. A time-management class would probably be a good thing. Maybe I’ll put it on my Christmas list for next year! (Don’t think so.) Anyway, I took one week off and then it was work as usual.

So my life since November has pretty much been doing a round of physical therapy exercises, working from my laptop downstairs and doing another round of PT before dinner and TV time. Right before Christmas I received the green light to drive. That was a great thing, but the week before Christmas was not ideal for making my shopping debut! It didn’t stop me though!

Part of the reason for my blog neglect is that I have been chronicalling my recovery from surgery. What I found after talking to people who had undergone the surgery is that they tend to forget much of what they went through. Not very helpful for someone trying to determine if their recovery is “normal.” Not very good for the morale, either. So now I have 30 single-spaced pages detailing my journey. I’m hoping I can find an outlet for an article or two.

Every year I always make New Year’s Resolutions–and break them or ignore them almost immediately. This year I’ve already started trying to implement the things that I would normally push forward to January 1, 2010. My hope is that I’ll have a head start on making them become habits if I do them now. So far it’s working nominally. I’m already ahead of the game, and that’s a good thing.

This will be my last entry before the new year. It’s been a tough one in a lot of ways, but a very satisfying one in others. See you next year!


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