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Time Out for Tennis

I haven’t been blogging lately in case you haven’t noticed. You’ve all seen blogs where the author blithely explains away his or her lack of blogging by “life got in the way.” In my case, tennis got in the way. And I’d be the first to admit that I’m ecstatic about it.

There are four major events in tennis each year and this is the U.S. Open. It’s summer’s last hurrah and the end of tennis until the Australian Open. These days, thanks to cable, it’s on TV from about 7 AM to after midnight. During these two weeks my TV is constantly on, although it is often muted.

I love tennis, but I must admit I can’t really get into doubles play, whether it’s men’s, women’s or mixed doubles. It’s more like slam, bam, thank-you-ma’m to me. Too fast and furious to really savor. Singles, on the other hand, I could watch for hours. I love ┬áthe stories about each player. I love the clothes. And most of all, I love the play–the different styles, the finesse–or lack thereof. I admire the drive and spirit that carries these young people from all over the world on to their own personal bests. And I love seeing my heroes from the past, such as Chris Evert–now newly married to golf legend Greg Norman.

Tennis is still a gentlemen’s (or gentlewomen’s) game where players often applaud an opponent’s spectacular shot, even though it means they lost the point. That is par for the course at Wimbledon, and you’ll see it even at the U.S. Open, which is better known for its unruly, untraditional crowds and easy acceptance of marginal behavior–John McEnroe comes to mind; not the commentator John McEnroe, attired in a suit and tie and acting politically correct, but John McEnroe in his prime with his foul mouth and abusive way with racquets and umpires.

For the most part though tennis brings out the best in everyone and there are lessons to be learned in sportsmanship, strategy, dedication and public relations. I’ll miss it when it’s over. But I just may get more blogging done!


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