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Moon Walk

Monday was the 40th anniversary of the Moon Walk. I was a Purdue student at the time and remember watching that “One giant step for mankind” on a black and white TV and wondering then if it was real. It just seemed so strange, even for a girl who made a mad dash back to the dorm to watch Star Trek at lunchtime. Part of me was caught up in the excitement of it all. We had won the ultimate race–we had beat Russia! Score one for the USA! Score one for Purdue!

On the other hand, the romantic in me wasn’t at all thrilled that the magical turf of poets, children and dreamers was irretrivably encroached on by science that day. Forever gone was the silliness of a planet made of  green cheese. Shot into oblivion was the friendly man in the moon. And  there was no way Elsie the Cow could actually jump over the moon no matter how many cowbells she lifted to get into shape. It seemed a high price to pay then.

Now, 40 years later, it hasn’t seemed to matter much in day-to-day life. You can still hear the refrains of “Fly Me to the Moon” without thinking of the moon’s bleak, rocky environment adorned by only a flag to indicate that man was once there.


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